Two books…
Two genres…
Two names…
One Author

Written as Richard Norbert

He calls himself The Prophet. A hacker obsessed with the Bible, he selects his murder victims online. Rafe Kellar will use any available resource to stop him, as unconventional as it might be.

Inspector Rafe Kellar is the brightest ViCLAS Specialists at the RCMP’s Behavioural Science Branch in Ottawa and the best at linking serial crime patterns most others would overlook, but when he discovers multiple, eerily ritualistic homicides committed across provincial and international borders, he’s forced to reach out to the FBI and solicit assistance from a highly unusual source.

Despite the elusiveness of their suspect, Kellar’s team hunts the serial killer known as “The Prophet” across two continents as he recreates biblical events in a disturbing portrayal, leaving dead bodies in his sadistic wake toward the climactic sacrifice of his ultimate victim.

“ViCLAS sucks you in like a black hole right from page one, and it grips like a vice.”

John T in Guelph, ON

Written as Cam Johnson

Sam Tungsten had it all… until he didn’t

When Sam Tungsten suddenly finds himself alone to raise his daughter Lizzie, he imitates the only single-parent role model he’s ever known—his alcoholic father. Juggling his business while taking care of his daughter becomes increasingly difficult with each bottle he consumes, and the string of dead-end relationships he has serves only to deteriorate his already fragile relationship with Lizzie. As for her, anxious to fit in with a new group of friends, Lizzie discovers alcohol and drugs and finds herself in a crisis pregnancy situation. When Sam learns of it, he spirals out of control and destroys their lives, losing everything in the process. Propelled beyond the breaking point, Sam tries to end it all, but a glimmer of hope inconspicuously intercedes. Over time, Sam will discover the real meaning of family and friends and what sacrificing for the ones he loves truly means. It’s a story of hope, forgiveness and redemption.

Content warning:
This book explores themes related to alcohol abuse, drug use, sexual assault and abortion.

Lost and Found is one of the best reads I’ve read in a very long time. I have to say that Cam Johnson keeps our interest in the story from the very first page!

Diane, Florida