Meet the Author

“It’s my hope that readers will discover as great an emotional connection to my characters as I have in developing them.”

Cam Johnson, the author behind the pen name Richard Norbert

Meet the

Richard Norbert is the pen name used by Cam Johnson to make a clear distinction between his two writing genres; one that warms the heart and the other that makes it race.

Writing as Richard Norbert, ViCLAS is his second book, a psychological thriller that targets a more mature reader. It contains scenes of violence, strong language, sexual situations and could be disturbing to some.

With his most recent work, he uses his two favourite literary forms: psychological fiction and theology, to create a captivating and memorable novel.

Cam invites you to check out his first book, Lost and Found. Lost and Found is the life-long journey of an alcoholic single-dad struggling to raise a daughter on his own. It chronicles the many pitfalls he encounters along the path to redemption and the people he meets along the way who help restore him.

Cam hopes you enjoy both his books and plans to continue writing in the future.


by Richard Norbert

Dec. 2, 2020

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Lost and Found

by Cam Johnson

Nov. 10, 2015

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